Alleged Child Prostitution in South Jakarta Apartment to be Investigated

The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) has urged authorities to make a thorough investigation into alleged prostitution involving minors that is reportedly rampant in Kalibata City apartment in South Jakarta.

The commission has found at least four reports strongly indicating that children were forced to become sexual slaves since 2015. Earlier this month, three minors aged between 15 and 17 years of age were alleged to have been forced into prostitution at the apartment.

Nico Richardo, 20, and a minor named MS, 17, were alleged to be the masterminds behind the illicit practice. The two are currently being detained by the Pancoran Police.

“Houses, apartments and residential areas are supposed to be the most convenient and safest places. We are concerned that the cases in Kalibata City could negatively affect residents, particularly children,” Ai Maryati Solihah, KPAI commissioner of the trafficking and exploitation division, said in a statement on Friday.

She said that during an assessment the commission conducted at the apartment on Monday, she discovered that the practice of prostitution was rampant and that it was an elephant in the room among residents.

“The residents are too busy to control and prevent it from happening, therefore they are heavily reliant on apartment management to increase surveillance. They should be committed to tackling human trafficking problems,” she said, adding that she urged the police to take firm action particularly in cases that involved children.

Source: Jakarta Post

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