Booster Vaccine as Travel Requirement from 17th July 

Booster Vaccine as Travel Requirement from 17th July 

The government has issued new regulations regarding domestic travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, making a booster vaccine a requirement. 

In circular number 21/2022 concerning travel provisions for domestic travellers during the COVID-19 pandemic, only those who have received a booster vaccine are exempt from the obligation to take an antigen or PCR test when boarding public transportation.

The regulation reminds that travellers, either by private vehicle or public transportation, must be responsible for their own health and comply with and comply with the applicable regulations.  

Every domestic traveller is also required to use the PeduliLindungi application when traveling domestically,” states the circular, released on Saturday 9th July 2022. 

Travellers who have only received two doses of COVID-19 vaccinations are therefore required to present a negative antigen test valid for 24 hours or a PCR test result valid for 72 hours. Meanwhile, those who have only received one dose must present a negative PCR test result valid for 72 hours. 

Anyone who has not or cannot be vaccinated is required to show a negative PCR result valid for 72 hours as well as a doctor’s certificate from a government hospital.

Children aged 6-17 years, are required to show a certificate of the second dose of vaccine without showing a negative antigen result or a RT-PCR test.

Further, children below 6 years aren’t required to show vaccine certificates and COVID-19 test results but it is mandatory to travel with a companion who meets the conditions for vaccination and COVID-19 checks.

Update July 11, 2022, –> Entering Indonesia 17th July Onwards

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