Top Indonesian Coffee Beans That You Can Order Online

Top Indonesian Coffee Beans That You Can Order Online. Morph Coffee. Source: Manual Jakarta

Best Indonesian Coffee Beans That You Can Order Online

Do you ever feel that your body is shutting down a little bit, day by day, during social distancing due to the lack of physical activity outside? You might want to get a coffee but then remember that you have to go outside and likely be exposed to the virus. Well, worry no more, these are the best coffee beans in Indonesia that you can order online:

Anomali Coffee
Anomali Coffee. Source: Anak Jajan

You may already be familiar with the name Anomali; this is one of the leading brands in Indonesia. Anomali coffee offers variants of coffee beans from around Indonesia, including Aceh Gayo, Toraja, Kopi Luwak, and their special blend called the black pearl. You can order through their Instagram or here.

Space Roastery
Halu Banana from space Coffee Roastery.

Space Roastery offers single-origin coffee beans, special blends, and limited releases. Space Roastery incorporates their product with regions all around Indonesia with interesting flavourings such as goji berry, peach, and even Nutella, lychee, blackcurrant and many more. Plus, they offer free shipping throughout Indonesia too.

Klinik Kopi
Klinik Kopi. Source: Tokopedia

If you happen to be in Yogyakarta, you might be familiar with this coffee shop. The famous Indonesian movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (What’s up with Love 2) shot some of its scenes here. Klinik Kopi only serves manual brew coffees with single-origin beans, however, you can still order online from Tokopedia

Tanamera Coffee Capsules

This one is my personal favourites! Tanamera works closely with farmers across Indonesia in producing their coffee beans. Their products only use 100 per cent Indonesian beans and you can choose single region beans and blends from 100 grams to 1 kilogram. If you like instant coffee and happen to have a coffee machine at home, Tanamera also sells coffee capsules!

Giyanti Coffee
Giyanti Coffee. Source: Coconut

The great thing about Giyanti? Here you can choose from a mild up to a strong blend. Giyanti offers high-quality coffee beans from Indonesia and all over the world. Here, you can also order pastries and ready-made coffees if you’re not up to making the coffee yourself.

Morph Coffee
Morph Coffee. Source: Manual Jakarta

You might already be familiar with the name One Fifteenth Cafe. Morph coffee is their longtime supplier! Now during social distancing, you might crave for their coffees, but Morph coffee offers online orders to keep you satisfied. Their beans are variants, from Java Taneuh Sunda Gulali, or Brazil’s Fazenda Dona Nenem to even El Salvador El Pedegral! Visit their website to see more of their unique origin coffee beans.

CommonGround Coffee
Commonground. Source:Brandkraft

Aah, a great brunch place in Jakarta, but they also offer a very good premium roastery, so line up all coffee lovers! Their signature includes Cloak and Dagger Blend, Major Tom Blend and single origins such as Toraja Sulotco and Gesha Village. If you are not really into coffee, you can also try their product called Orthodox, which is a combination of toffee, milk chocolate, and roasted almonds, or you can have a go of Sterling, a mix of blackcurrants, jasmine, and black tea.

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