A Day Under the Sun and Stars at the Dynamic Reef Beach Club, The Apurva Kempinski Bali

Reef Beach Club

A friend and I were discussing our depiction of Bali’s areas, based on several holiday moods.

We both agreed on Nusa Dua as the place where one heads to so you can feel at peace and leave behind unwelcome real-world distractions because frankly, one lingers in seclusion here. It’s almost as if one disappears into the beachy breeze. That’s not a bad visualisation, especially staying at The Apurva Kempinski Bali and dining at Reef Beach Club.

Infinity pool – Reef Beach Club

As a long-stay guest, I was splurged with the epitome of disappearing in summer. I noticed a similar ambience day in and day out at Reef Beach Club. Sunshine peeked through on cloudy days. The golden-sand beach is never overpopulated. An endless flow of refreshments and bites is within reach. Uplifting tunes serenade you through the speakers. Families hop on paddleboards and kayaks. Honeymooners chuckle in the pool. Of course, the majestic Balinese sunset closes off a day in the sun.

Reef Beach Club

Reef Beach Club is a broad, easygoing venue surrounded by tropical greens and footsteps away from the Indian Ocean’s waters. It’s the perfect place for spending your day under the sun because an unforgettable beachfront experience is offered with its wide range of food and beverages, as well as free water sports activities. Plus, you will be well taken care of by the staff exuding the famous Balinese hospitality.

Whether you’re an in-house guest or visiting Reef Beach Club from elsewhere, Reef Beach Club is open to the public. You can take a buggy or walk towards the end of the enriching green trail where the Nusa Dua coast greets you. A uniquely shaped building on your left is Reef Beach Club, accommodating 130 people indoors and outdoors, coming along with its own 42-metre infinity pool with cabanas, sun-loungers, and sunbathing spots.

Its building is inspired by the traditional houses found in Kudus, Central Java. Known locally as Rumah Joglo Kudus, the distinctive architecture is easily recognised from its high soaring roof. When seated indoors, you’re amongst wooden carvings and engraved furniture decorating the space, resulting in a warm and cosy setting complete with an open kitchen and bar area. I recommend you opt for a cabana by the pool or on the beach that fits a maximum of four people – you can squeeze the family in – both overlooking the ocean and accessible until sunset.

medium-rare lamb rack bathed in natural jus accompanied by mashed potatoes

I’m one of those people who’s jaded when it comes to food. Therefore, as dinner time arrives, I’m more than thrilled to walk into Reef Beach Club in my resort wear dress to devour the wide range of international cuisine with a twist of Asian flavours offered.

Three words stuck in my mind: fresh, mouthwatering, and eventful. Under “Healthy and Tasty” in the beverage menu, the Immune Plus (orange, carrot, turmeric, tamarind, mint leaves, lemon, and honey) catches my eye. Whoever says “healthy” tastes displeasing needs to sip on this!

One of the highlights at Reef is its “Grill and Charcoal” selections capturing the tropical ethos of Bali. Without a doubt, I order the sizzling baby red snapper marinated in Lombok’s special savoury and spicy Taliwang sauce with a side of urap sayur (steamed salad mixed with spiced grated coconut for dressing). My tastebuds turn to dance in joy.

Baby red snapper in Taliwang sauce

More seafood and meat options are guaranteed to be grilled to perfection. Each comes with choices of marination, sides, sauce, and sambal. Waiters can suggest the ideal pairings but feel free to adjust to your liking. I had the pleasure to also taste the saporous lobster immersed in the spicy yet sweet red-orange Jimbaran sauce alongside sauteed mushrooms – the embodiment of Balinese cuisine; the hot tiger prawns soaked in Jimbaran sauce with white rice and sambal terasi – one can never have enough tingles of tanginess, and the succulent medium-rare lamb rack bathed in natural jus accompanied by mashed potatoes – fears of lamb cooked faulty vanish because this was cooked by the hands of the divinity.

As for dessert, a waiter suggests the light, cloudlike sweet pavlova (chantilly strawberry, banana, passionfruit, and vanilla ice cream poured over meringue) is to die for – it certainly is. Another must-try dessert is the lava cookie (dough cooked in a pizza oven with melted dark chocolate and cashew nuts, topped with vanilla ice cream and salted sugar palm). This chocolate heaven is hands down a sweet tooth’s delight!

Reef Beach Club’s energetic colour transforms into an intimate scene with a bonfire and daily live music performances in the open air. Thursdays happen to be “Latin Night”. A band and extremely talented dancers charm diners until 10pm. At one point whilst enjoying the sweet and spicy potato-based crackers, a dancer approached me to dance in front, despite not having any Latin dance experience. “Don’t worry, we’ll guide you,” she encouraged. There I was, swaying left and right, twirling alongside a toddler with her mother beside me. More so, Sundays are for jazz lovers.

Latin Night at Reef Beach Club

Embrace the dynamic beach-club ambience during the day and a stylish beachfront restaurant at night. Have a fun and relaxed beachfront experience with an eclectic mix of Asian and international dishes, complemented by an exotic list of tempting cocktail creations.

Delight in the additional barbecue, charcoal grill by the sea, 30 selections of rosé, and a bonfire at this vivacious place attentively catering for food enthusiasts, couples, communities, and families. Food starts from Rp160,000++, and beverages start from Rp50,000++, while the signature mixologist creation starts from Rp125,000++.

I must say, it can get rather chilly at night. “But I’ll undoubtedly be back soon, Reef Beach Club!” as I walked towards my room with a stuffed belly and high vibrations.

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